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Enterosgel effectiveness

The effectiveness of Enterosgel has been proven in numerous Clinical Studies over the past 20 years. The potential use of Enterosgel for the effective treatment of many other serious diseases is being studied with interest by European researchers. Please contact us if you wish to study or use Enterosgel as part of your complex therapy.

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  1. Enterosgel is a highly efficient Medical Device for treatment of a wide range of chronic diseases of the digestive system as accompanied by irritable bowel syndrome and a disorder of microbiocenosis status.
  2. When Enterosgel was included in the complex therapy of pathologies of the digestive system, such an inclusion resulted in normalization of defecation and stool nature, the arrest of pain syndrome and meteorism, decrease of inflammatory process and improvement of the intestinal digestive function according to the coprology data, elimination of the colonization of pathogenic flora and restoration of the colonic normal microflora status.
  3. According to the endoscopic and morphologic functional studies, it is identified an increase in thickness of the mucosa and intestinal villi height, with a decrease in crypts depth. Significantly is reduced a swelling of the epithelium, severity microhemorrhages and the level of lymphocytic infiltration of the epithelium, increase in number plasmocytes in the proper lamina of mucous membrane, reflecting the positive effect on the local immunity status.
  4. During the Enterosgel investigation for morphological parameters, it was found a large scatter of data and a considerable orientation variability of changes in investigated parameters, which may be due to the difference in effect as conditioned by the pathogenesis of the disease.
  5. The leveling down is reported of activity in the erythrocytes antioxidant protection enzymes, which is regarded as a positive sign as conditioned by normalization of antioxidant protective function of a diseased organism.
  6. A positive dynamics of the AOI (from significantly negative values to the normality) takes place due both to excretion of the free radical oxidation products from the body and the supply of organism by natural antioxidants.
  7. In assessing the complex preparation, it is necessary to proceed by selecting and/or grouping patients homogeneously in terms of clinical and severity factors, age and sex of patients, because these factors influences the morphologic and functional indices.
  8. The respective investigation results showed the need for a dynamic and long term examination of patients, allowing us to identify how this preparation influences on various clinical and functional indices and their changing rate in different periods of the disease.
  9. Enterosgel in recommended doses and duration of use does not disorder the status of the mineral and vitamin balance of patients.
  10. There were not identified any side effects or complications as related to the digestive organs when in use of Enterosgel.
  11. Enterosgel is recommended for a widespread use within the complex therapy of patients with chronic diseases of the digestive system, accompanied by inflammatory changes of mucosa and the disorder of the GIT motor-evacuation function.

Performed investigations allowed determining a high clinical efficiency of Enterosgel, its positive effect on both intestinal mucosa and microflora status without disturbing the digestion and absorption processes. Registered is the immunomodulatory effect as conditioned by normalization of the eubiosis status and decrease of inflammatory activity in the intestinal mucosa. When in using the preparation, there were not identified any side events and/or intolerance cases in response to.

Enterosgel can be recommended for a wide use in treatment of chronic GIT diseases that are known to be accompanied by disordered defecation and intestinal eubiosis.

Enterosgel effectiveness

Enterosgel clinical studies

Enterosgel is an odourless agent with smooth texture basically based on organic silica. Its chemical properties and actions on the body are compared to carbon. It is compeletely “friendly” for the organism and that is why suitable for most people and able to give allergy relief, cure atopic or seborrhoeic  dermatitis, acute and chronic urticaria, non-allergic dermatitis, sunburns and acne. In the bowel lumen the product adsorbs endogenous and exogenous toxic substances of different nature, including:

Bacteria and bacterial toxins

The study of 25 patients with chronic inflammatory diseases (HID) in stage of remission has demonstrated efficiency of intestinal absorption method (enterosorption) to reduce significantly the total concentration of bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS) in the general circulation.

Studies have shown the ability of Enterosgel and its derivatives with 3d-metal cations to adsorb rotaviruses from virus-cintaining fluid that offers great opportunities to use them for the laboratory diagnosis and treatment of rotavirus-induced diarrhea. (Adsorption activity of Enterosgel toward rotavirus, 1997)

The use of the organosilicone sorbent “Enterosgel” after termination of intoxication had the corrective effect on the regional hepatic lymph nodes and brings the ratio of structure-functional zones virtually to the control level.

Enterosgel clinical studies management

Antigens, food allergens

Enterosgel is a highly-active safe medical device, which is well-tolerated by patients. Administration of Enterosgel in the complex therapy of patients with allergic diseases allows reduction of the terms of hospital treatment of patients by 10-15%, decreasing the need for antihistamine drugs, glucocorticoids, and bronchial spasmolytics, and reducing the treatment expenses by 15-20%.

Enterosgel was shown to have beneficial effect on the allergy status and promote normalization of total serum IgE levels, early interferon, and pro-allergic cytokine (Interleukin-5) concentrations in patients with food allergy manifesting by angioedema. The study was shown the benefits of gastrointestinal sorption (enterosorption) achieved with Enterosgel during the combination treatment in patients with food allergy manifesting by angioedema.

Use of Enterosgel in the complex treatment of NASH patients on the background of CHD and type II DM is an effective and safe method of hyperlipidemia correction. Enterosgel helps to eliminate syndrome of lipid distress (lipid distress syndrome-), including diabetic dislipidemia, reduce the activity of systemic inflammation and atherogenic potential of blood plasma. Enterosgel helps to improve the functional state of the liver. Based on the data obtained, absorbent Enterosgel can be considered as an effective means in preventing the progression of the atherosclerotic process in patients with NASH and concomitant coronary artery disease and type II DM.


Enterosorption is an effective and safe method of sorption detoxification in the combination treatment of IBD in children, since it reduces the toxic load on the detoxification system of the body and the risk of developing infectious and autoimmune complications. Enterosgel is the adsorbent of choice since it has high effectiveness and safety in young children, significant cytoprotective effect, convenient pharmaceutical form, and can be used in a long-term repeated course. Enterosgel has a positive effect on the clinical performance of the disease and is effective in reducing the symptoms of intestinal dyspepsia and diarrhea in patients with Helicobacter pylori-associated gastroduodenitis.

Salts of heavy metals

The clinical observations and studies performed allows one to draw the general conclusion about the efficacy of this enterosorbent. Enterosgel is a pathogenetically proven component for etiotropic and non-specific therapy of chronic occupational intoxication. Use of Enterosgel aids the improvement of functional states of the main barrier and detoxicating  organs and systems and correction of the leading pathogenic mechanisms of toxicity from industrial toxins. The results of this study affords grounds for recommendation of Enterosgel for wide application in the clinic of occupational illnesses.


Enterosgel was confirmed to have radio-protective effect (according to the data of KGB Hospital of the Ukraine, 1989-1990). Here, total average radionuclide blood activity in militaries not receiving Enterosgel increased 5-fold during 2 weeks in the exclusion zone. At the same period, total blood activity increased only by 0.4% in the group receiving Enterosgel.

Enterosgel promoted intensive release of radionuclides from the body tissues and their excretion in the adsorbed form with feces, which justifies the use of sorbent in contamination.

Metabolic intoxication and its correction in patient with alcoholic liver disease.

Chronic hepatic and renal disease accompanied by their failure.