Grace Tuak, 45. A tiny tube of gel saved my second marriage!

For many couples, drink can be the source of many an argument and even the cause of a break-up.

However, Victoria found a way to help with the effects of her second husband’s regular drinking celebrations – a simple toxin-binding gel called Enterosgel®, which helped ‘gel’ her marriage too!…

Grace Tuak, 45, is married to Peter Parker, 43 and lives in Auckland. They met 2 years ago; Grace works as a nanny and Peter is an artist assisting a famous sculpture. Grace relates her story: “Peter loves to celebrate with his friends on the day his salary comes through. They usually go out for the evening and often drink too much beer or wine. For 18 years after my first husband died, I thought would not be happy again. But with Peter, I feel like a young woman again. I was lucky to meet him. He is a very talented man who carves unique sculptures and is a very loving and caring person. We celebrated our first wedding anniversary earlier this year. I know many families split up because one partner cannot control their drinking. But I also know that Peter needs some time to relax and I don’t mind him having some fun with his friends.

On one occasion after one of his ‘celebrations’, Peter came home to an empty house, as I needed to stay late at work. While he was waiting for me to get home, he had some more drink, so by the time I got home, I found him in a quite a bad way, with all the symptoms of alcohol poisoning, including vomiting. Immediately I guessed what had happened and knew what I should do. In the Czech Republic  where I grew up, I used a gut-cleansing gel called Enterosgel® to help me with several digestive problems. People also use it to avoid hangovers. So I mixed 2 tablespoon of it with water and made him drink it. Soon after, about 15 or 20 minutes later, he was feeling much better – with no nausea, no headache and no diarrhoea.

Now my husband knows what to do if he is not feeling well after going out. After his last payday, when I came home, I found him sleeping like a baby with an Enterosgel® tube beside him.

I’m now prepared for the Chistmas holidays; I’ve got enough Enterosgel® to cope with all the celebrations.  And its one thing I will never go travelling without – it also helps me avoid diarrhoea, indigestion and food poisoning. And my mum has used it for her IBS, which has helped her a great deal too.”

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