Allergy Coping tips

If you find that normal family life is disrupted for a while, don’t panic, as it’s a common reaction. Jenny from Reading, whose son Thomas is allergic to dust mites and pollen, admits that discovering the allergy caused disruption to the whole family. “We were forced to change our normal habits – everything from the cleaning regime to changing carpets to wooden floors,” she said. “Initially it was a shock to the system and took us a while to adjust, but seeing the allergy relief and improvement in Thomas is well worth it.”

Although it can initially be an upheaval, these days there are lots of alternatives out there for allergy relief and to help make life easier. Some top tips include:

  • For asthmatics and dust mite allergy sufferers, special bedding is available – it works as barrier prevention/allergy remover, stopping dust mites from getting through. Other measures include regular cleaning, ventilation of the room and washing bedding at high temperatures. Trendy wooden floors not only look fashionable, but can help prevent dust gathering in carpets.
  • Although typically associated with summer hay fever, different pollens exist throughout the year. In general, pollen levels are lowest after dark, so keeping children’s windows closed in the day can help. Other useful measures include keeping car windows up, getting them to wear wraparound sunglasses, and encouraging children to change their clothes after playing outside – all great allergy-removing techniques.
  • For travel abroad, Allergy UK produce a series of translation cards in most of the major languages. They can help convey the nature of the allergy – particular severe reactions – and help with ordering allergen-free foods in restaurants.
  • If chemicals are a problem, there are alternative ranges of paints available and less toxic household cleaning products.
  • A great allergy relief product which helps assist with all these different types of allergies is Enterosgel®. It works like an allergy detox by absorbing and eliminating toxic substances from the body without removing beneficial substances. This clinically approved product is a safe and effective way to get immediate allergy relief.

Discovering your child has an allergy can be a worrying and stressful time. However, as time goes by and you all adjust to the new eating or lifestyle routine required, the chances are it will become second nature and you’ll wonder why it seemed such a major upheaval.

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