Cure a hangover

Enterosgel® is mineral-based detoxifier, Firs Aid Kit cure a hangover.

Cake is to a child’s party what alcohol is to an adult’s.  The festive season of Christmas, the parties on the Fourth of July, and the final days of summer call for a cocktail or two.  But between the chatting and the dancing – and who knows what else – it is easy to lose track of just how many drinks you’ve had.  That one drink soon turns into a bottomless glass, and that dream of a quiet morning after is quickly replaced by a headache and a few trips to the bathroom.  Fortunately, with a little planning, you can have your drink – and drink it, too.

The easiest and most effective way to prevent a hangover is to limit your drinking.  The body can break down only one unit of alcohol in an hour.  It will take two hours for your body to process one pint of beer; a large glass of red wine takes as long as three hours.  You can still enjoy that martini or beer, but try to drink only one alcoholic beverage per hour; this will allow your body time to process the alcohol you have already consumed.  Carbohydrates protect the stomach from the irritating effects of alcohol, and a full stomach helps the body to process the alcohol.  Eat a carbohydrate-packed meal before drinking and snack throughout the night.  And remember to drink lots of water to protect yourself against dehydration, a common side effect of alcohol consumption.

The amount of alcohol you consume will affect your state of well-being the next morning, but the type of alcohol you drink can also affect you.  Clear drinks, like vodka, brandy and gin, are wise choices; the chemicals found in dark drinks can increase the effect of a hangover.  Avoid the rum and whisky if you want to be clearheaded in the morning.  Also, pour your drinks from a bottle that was just opened.  The moment a cork is popped, oxidization sets in.  Certain chemicals are created in the oxidization process that contribute to a bad hangover.  And you should try to stay away from carbonated and sugary drinks.  Carbonated drinks absorb alcohol faster, and sugar causes blood glucose levels to fluctuate.

The morning after that party, it may be tempting to drink just a bit more alcohol to pull you through the day.  But remember that more alcohol does not cure a hangover; it only prolongs it.  It takes a long time for a large amount of alcohol to leave your system.

Thank you God we have now Enterosgel®. It a patent of the Swiss company Bioline Pharmaceutical AG. Enterosgel® is mineral-based detoxifier containing polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate (methylsilicic acid hydrogel) – 70%, purified water – 30%.

Unlike medicines which interact with the body and are absorbed and metabolised, Enterosgel® is considered to be a medical device because it passes through the body unchanged. It is not absorbed and does not interact with normal bodily functions. Enterosgel® acts only once it gets into the intestinal lumen, where it absorbs any unwanted chemicals and alcohol as well and carries them out of the body through normal excretion processes. Enterosgel® does this without affecting important nutrients. It is the best Alcohol Withdrawal with high safety profile.

To speed the process Alcohol Detoxification you need to use 1 single dose of Enterosgel® with water 30 minutes before alcohol intake and 1 single dose of Enterosgel® with water after you finish to drink alcohol. We recommend to keep two more Enterosgel® Emergency sachets in your pocket as First Aid Kit for Alcohol Detox and you will prevent in the future your horrible hangover.

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