Drug Withdrawal

Enterosgel drug detox will revitalise you! 

Antibiotics have been a popular solution for various diseases for a long time. There are cases when there isn’t a strict necessity tor taking antibiotics, but due to their comparably fast action they are being prescribed to many patients. Aside from the bacteria fighting action antibiotics kill the normal microflora of the organism. If the balance of friendly bacteria gets disordered it leads to dysbiosis and immune issues.

Disturbed balance of healthy microflora reduces the natural defensive mechanism of the body, may cause diarrhoea, flatulence and negatively affect the appetite. Frequent or long-term antibiotic therapy leads to dysbiosis that may cause more serious disorders within systems of organs. To minimize the damage to the body and promote a speedy recovery the body needs a complex drug detox approach. That is why antibiotics course should be taken along with Enterosgel and followed up with prophylactic body detoxification when the course is finished.

High effectiveness of Enterosgel

The sorption qualities of Enterosgel explain its significant effectiveness. Its porous granules simultaneously select the particles to be absorbed. First of all, the structure of the gel is designed to eliminate molecules of medium size.

The collected substance bonds while passing through digestive tract and leaves the body naturally without effecting the enteral peristaltic. As a result – the unfriendly bacteria, toxins and metabolic wastes get gently extracted from the body without interrupting natural processes. Since then, cells increase their capacity to absorb vitamins and nutrients.

Enterosgel therapy improves the overall health condition of a patient, removes discomfort and returns energy. The positive effect of Enterosgel makes it favourable to take the product along with antibiotics. Good wellbeing and energy improves patient’s mood and quality of life.

Gentle effect of Enterosgel

Enterosgel acts as a selective agent eliminating only toxins or pathogenic flora. It significantly reduces the pressure from the healthy natural bacteria and allows it normalize and protect the body. Enterosgel substance enters the digestive tract of the body as a clear porous sponge ready to absorb and carry away the pathogenic particles. It is not absorbed into blood and its components do not accumulate in the organs. As soon as Enterosgel passes the colon it leaves the body naturally. That is why the product is safe for most people and can not be overdosed.

Gentle effect of Enterosgel

Leading medical experts outline the following suggestions for taking Enterosgel:

  • Body detox prophylactic course every six month to increase immunity.
  • Rre- and post-operatively to enhance immunity while preparing for surgery and hasten the recovery and elimination of toxic metabolic particles.
  • Enterosgel eliminates endotoxin and therefore and helps to avoid The Jarisch–Herxheimer reaction.  The Jarisch–Herxheimer reaction is a reaction to endotoxin-like products released by the death of harmful microorganisms within the body during antibiotic treatment.

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