Enterosgel® for Gastroenterology

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Enterosgel® as an effective treatment product in gastroenterology

Enterosgel for GastroenterologyThe major action of Enterosgel® therapy is the capability of the product to select and eliminate harmful substances and pathogenic bacteria that negatively affect the mucous membrane of gastrointestinal tract.

The mucous membrane cells (Figure 1) work as a natural effective barrier that protects our body from unfriendly substances to penetrate inside and affect metabolism.

The healthier membrane ensures faster relief and reducing the time of medications to be taken when treating gastrointestinal diseases.

Enterosgel® absorbs the toxic particles from the body and reduces the pressure on the immune system and metabolism, promoting easier recovery.

The hydrophilic features of Enterosgel® ensure the safety of the product for sensitive mucous membrane, not causing atonic symptoms even in the long-term courses.


Treating ulceration or erosive disease is a long term process requiring medication course requiring to be both: effective and gentle. Enterosgel® as a part of therapy boosts the effect of the course and brings faster relief. It is recommended to be included in treating duodenal ulcer disease. The statistics show improved eradication (93.4% comparing to 87.1%).

After the Enterosgel® detoxifying course the duodenal ulcer disease patients haven’t experienced any relapse (comparing to 8.3 % not given Enterosgel® ). After a year of treatment discontinuation the overal recurrence rate in Enterosgel® -course patients was mailny lower in comparison with patients that had not taken Enterosgel® (9.3 % and 29.2%).

Enterosgel® -treated people comparing to the ones who didn’t experience relapses  at all or characterized them as mild and short in duration. Enterosgel® improves the reparation and maintains regeneration processes in the lamnia propria of gastrointestinal mucous membrane (Figures 2-4).


Enterosgel® treated patients didn’t have relapses of the disease within 6 month after the course, comparing to the 8.3% of those who did experience the disease symptoms again when not including Enterosgel® in the treatment.


Enterosgel® is effective in decreasing the pressure of toxins to the natural detoxification system of the body reducing the risks of infections to evolve. It is recommended to include the product into any gastrointestinal therapy course (Figure 5) as a gentle and easy way to support immune system.



Enterosgel® is recommended to be taken along with the prebiotics while treating exacerbated chronic pancreatitis. It impacts the body very positively helping to normalize the concentration of secreted anti-endotoxin IgA (Figure 6,7).



IMPARED ABSORPTION AND DIGESTION DISEASESEnterosgel® has proved itself as an effective product treating a spectrum of gastric diseases that symptom in digestive or absorption issues. When included in to the course, it dramatically reduces the time to normalize stool, stop the diarrhoea and reduce inflammation. Coprology tests show improvements in food digestion and recovery of intestinal microbiota (Figure 8).


Enterosgel® treatments help to maintain proper conditions to improve the concentration of healthy natural microflora within the intestinal tract. Firstly it destroys pathogenic flora and enhances the protective barrier of mucous membrane. As a result – the pathogenic bacteria doesn’t show in the further medical testings or in minimal quantities (Figure 9).


Complex Enterosgel® treatment provides long-term relief and stable growth of normal microflora. Patients admit their condition as a comparatively better one and improved wellbeing. 100% of treated have achieved the positive results with restoring the microbiota within the gastric tract. 98% of people after 4-5 days of treatment with Enterosgel® show 1-2 grade of intestinal overgrowth of bacteria.

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