Enterosgel® for Infectious diseases

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Enterosgel is recommended as a treatment for infectious diseases placed on gut walls.Enterosgel® is recommended as a treatment for infectious diseases placed on gut walls. The 17 years of experience of successful use of product shows that epithelium restores faster and helps to stop inflammation and avoid necrotic consequences in complicated cases.

Enterosgel® is able to fight the major reason for the illness – cytotoxins. Gentle enterosorbent treatment provided by Enterosgel®  demonstrates significant effect and positive change in the patient’s wellbeing.

The high sorption properties of the product are effective in eliminating medium-sized molecules of the toxins and binding them together supporting healthy and sustainable gastrointestinal mucous lining.

The treatment-course outcome is significantly improved and requires less medical therapy than standard ones without including Enterosgel® .

The product is capable to destroy membranes of viruses and pathogenic bacteria (Figure 2-5), act as a selective binder for endo- and exotoxins and extract them from the body natural way.



Enterosgel® is often administered to prematurely born children who suffer from rotaviruses. It protects from intoxicating and inflammatory progression and normalizes intestinal functions. The overall well-being gets improved on the 2nd day of the treatment without further complications. By the 3rd day of the treatment almost no rotavirus bacteria was found in faecal samples tested (Figure 6).


The body weight gain during the course was observed within 82% of the cases, stool normalization and significant health improvement in all cases. Enterosgel® treatment reduces the risk of complications and their frequency and intoxication, brings down the time of staying in the hospital for infants by 20 days.

Acute Intestinal Infection

Acute Intestinal InfectionMeasles and intestinal infections result in dramatically increasing level of serum of pro-inflammatory cytokines (Figure 7). Enterosgel®  shows efficiency in bringing down the serum levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines in case of measles or intestinal infections.

Viral Hepatitis B and C

Enterosgel® helps to support and maintain immune system, which is especially important in cases of viral Hepatitis B or C. Once harmful substances absorbed by Enterosgel® molecules, they are securely bound together and are prevented from re-absorbing into the blood.

Overall immune system depends on the condition of inner microflora, especially gastric microbiota. Hepatitis C and B cause a significant pressure on the liver.

Viral Hepatitis B and CEnterosgel® absorbs the toxins and reduces the pressure on the liver and returns the biochemical markers to norm. That helps regenerate liver tissue and improves well-being.

Dyspeptic disturbances significantly reduce or stop by the 5th day of Enterosgel®  treatment, while patients not taking Enterosgel® experienced the symptoms by the 20th day.

Enterosgel® normalizes stool by the 5th day of therapy and reduces any discomfort connected to it (37% of patients had stool issues till day 5). On the 10th day the number of complaints for abnormal stool deduced by 21%, and by 10% on the day 20. Abdominal distention was experienced by 42% of patients by day 5, and reduced accordingly by day 20: only 5% of Enterosgel®  group patients had the symptoms (Figure 8).

Enterosgel® therapy patients could achieve a change in serum total bilirubin in shorter time. The level of bilirubin before day 5the amounted 255 ± 14.35 µmol/L. Before day 10: 162.3 ± 13.01 µmol/L. Before day 20: and 49.5 + 3.85 µmol/L. The bilirubin concentration for patients not administered Enterosgel® were: 258.0 ± 12.66 µmol/L; 193.5 ± 12.4 µmol/L; and 80.9 ± 3.71 µmol/L, respectively (Figure 9).

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