Full body detox

Body cleansing detoxification

Not feeling well? Take detox diet with Enterosgel®.

Body cleansing detoxification today should become a part of a healthy lifestyle to improve and sustain our wellness. Environment  pollution in the urban areas may lead to carcinogens, heavy metals, free radicals and pathogenic bacteria accumulating in our bodies gradually causing immune system issues, allergies and even increase the risk of cancer. The questions about body detox and particularly “how to detox your body?” and “which detox diet to use?” are the major ones today when it comes to wellbeing. Detoxified cells absorb the nutrients more effectively, are able to regenerate faster and empower the body to defend itself from viruses and diseases, making us feel and look better.

The Enterosgel® body detoxification program is suitable for most of people for its safety and complex action. The selective absorbent gel helps to remove the harmful substances from the body without any effect on the natural mineral and vitamin balance, leaving the cells purified.

Results and expectations of Enterosgel® detox diet therapy (body cleansing detoxification)

Enterosgel® body detox course is designed to regenerate the body by eliminating “unfriendly” substances. The complex action of Enterosgel® covers various health aspects by fighting allergy, digestive tract problems and low immunity issues. The majority of the people detox diet experience positive changes by becoming more energetic, having better mood, brighter complexion and even weight reduction.

For detoxification of the body use 1 standard single dose 3 times per day for 10-14 days. It is recommended to repeat the detoxification course 3-6 times a year. (Patient Information Leaflet).

Full body detox

Enterosgel® body clensing detoxification and detox drinks basics

Drugs, alcohol or tobacco reduce cell resistance to protect themselves and regenerate and negatively affect immune system and slow down the natural “defensive mechanism”. It causes unpleasant symptoms as weakness, fatigue, headaches that lead to unstable mood. The digestive disorders result in complexion problems and general discomfort. All the mentioned factors reduce our quality of life not allowing us to enjoy important moments and ourselves at the fullest. Medical specialists recommend regular body detox to “clean up” our bodies from toxins by healthy lifestyle and particularly detox diets and detox drinks and agents.

Enterosgel®  is not absorbed into blood and its components do not accumulate in the organs.

Healthy life – detox your body – take Enterosgel®

The human body naturally defends itself from diseases and pathogenic bacteria on its own with the help of immune system. The natural defense gets weaker when facing aggressive environmental pollution or chronic intoxication syndrome when exposed to occupational hazards. As a result – the cells gradually accumulate harmful substances and lose the ability to regenerate normally, especially when facing illnesses. Enterosgel® liquid detox diet prophylactic therapy significantly reduces the load on the metabolism and immune system when facing disease.


The recommended intake for adults is 15 grams 3 times a day (1 tablespoon), for children under 5 years old – 10 grams 3 times a day (1 spoon). The treatment period is two weeks. Enterosgel® can be taken as a mixed with water for efficient and easy liquid detox diet.

Enterosgel® is recommended for everyone as liquid detox diet

Antibiotics or change of diet can also lead to upset stomach and loose stool. Dehydration caused by diarrhoea weakens the body and immune system. Such patients require chemically-neutral gentle absorbent treatment along with antibacterial medication. Enterosgel® consists of safe natural silica. The porous surface of the selective gel agent acts a binder for unfriendly substances and microorganisms. Enterosgel® helps to stop diarrhoea and effectively restore gastrointestinal tract mucous membrane. For the reasons above it is crucial and convenient to keep Enterosgel® available if any urgent treatment of enteral tract is required. When taking the product there is no risk of interrupting the vitamins absorption balance in the body. The immune system gets necessary support after detoxification therapy and allows bowel tract to function properly without effecting peristalsis.

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