Body detox with Enterosgel as prophylaxis

Healthy life – detox your body – take Enterosgel

The human body naturally defends itself from diseases and pathogenic bacteria on its own with the help of immune system. The natural defense gets weaker when facing aggressive environmental pollution or chronic intoxication syndrome when exposed to occupational hazards. As a result – the cells gradually accumulate harmful substances and lose the ability to regenerate normally, especially when facing illnesses. Enterosgel liquid detox diet prophylactic therapy significantly reduces the load on the metabolism and immune system when facing disease.

Enterosgel body detox


The recommended intake for adults is 15 grams 3 times a day (1 tablespoon), for children under 5 years old – 10 grams 3 times a day (1 spoon). The treatment period is two weeks. Enterosgel can be taken as a mixed with water for efficient and easy liquid detox diet.

Enterosgel is recommended for everyone as liquid detox diet

Antibiotics or change of diet can also lead to upset stomach and loose stool. Dehydration caused by diarrhoea weakens the body and immune system. Such patients require chemically-neutral gentle absorbent treatment along with antibacterial medication. Enterosgel consists of safe natural silica. The porous surface of the selective gel agent acts a binder for unfriendly substances and microorganisms. Enterosgel helps to stop diarrhoea and effectively restore gastrointestinal tract mucous membrane. For the reasons above it is crucial and convenient to keep Enterosgel available if any urgent treatment of enteral tract is required. When taking the product there is no risk of interrupting the vitamins absorption balance in the body. The immune system gets necessary support after detoxification therapy and allows bowel tract to function properly without effecting peristalsis.

Enterosgel body detox

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