Enterosgel is a safe children and infants detox

Enterosgel detox for children and babies. For sickness, diarrhoea and allergies

Enterosgel is a product with a spectrum of ways to be used to improve well-being. Nevertheless consumers tend to have questions to avoid any risks for their health. One of the most popular questions asked about Enterosgel are if it is suitable for children as detox?  Yes, Enterosgel is suitable for children detox courses. The unfriendly substances get absorbed, bound and removed from the body naturally. None of the components of Enterosgel are absorbed by the body.

Enterosgel proved to be helpful to cure enteral and stomach disorders. It is a poisoning first aid and cure for any intoxication, especially accompanied with diarrhoea or vomiting. It is used as a diarrhoea stopper and vomiting detox with a complex medical therapy course. Acute diarrhoea cases require a double dose of the product and repetitively during the day following each bowel movement. Studies indicate that there is no contraindication for indicators of acute toxicity of “Enterosgel” in children.

Enterosgel children detox

Children detox

Diarrhoea causes big discomfort, weakness and bad appetite. The body gets dehydrated after a large number of loose stools. Nutrients and friendly bacteria also wastes from the body causing further complications and microflora damage. The bowel movement and peristaltic are normalized the next day if the treatment is taken on time. Enterosgel children detox is an effective eliminator of metabolic waste products. It works as a sponge to eliminate pathogenic bacteria, allergens and toxins, it “soaks in” the unfriendly particles from the body when passing through the digestive tract and leaves the body naturally. When taking the product there is no risk of interrupting the vitamins absorption balance in the body. The immune system gets necessary support after detoxification therapy and allows bowel tract to function properly without effecting peristalsis.

Enterosgel children detox

Cure for babies: eczema, rash or digestion problems

The pores of Enterosgel children detox granules match the size of harmful molecules and effectively absorb them from as soon as they are ingested. Enterosgel only binds and absorbs the unnecessary substances and removes them from the body, without giving any effect on natural balance of vitamins and enzymes. It is important to start the treatment immediately to stop the intoxication and avoid further complications. Enterosgel has no effect on metabolism or necessary compounds.

Dosage schedule:

Children up to 1 year: before breast-feeding 3-6x a day 1/3 of a teaspoon; Children aged 1-6: 3x a day 1 teaspoon; Children over 6: 3x a day 1-2 teaspoons

Enterosgel is a clear smooth substance without any odour. When using it for children it can be mixed with drinks such as milk, juice or tea. It will not change the taste or odour of what it is mixed with, that is why it is very easy to give it to a baby. The product should be taken 30 minutes before a meal or 1 hour after. The product loses its properties if frozen, so should be kept in a dry cool place and not exposed to sun light. The package contains clear gel with a granular texture and may contain small amount of water.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.


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