Partying? Take Enterosgel!

Get sober with Enterosgel with no hangover and no withdrawal!

Enterosgel has smooth fine gel texture without any odour, taste or colour. It can be used two ways – mixed with still water as a detox drink or consumed directly. Remarkable features is that Enterosgel is able to eliminate acetaldehyde (toxic metabolite of alcohol – Alcohol Withdrawal) from the body.

Hangover Enterosgel

Hangover prevention

When taken BEFORE drinking (1-5 teaspoons) it increases the resistance of the body to alcohol. If taken after drinking, the recommended dose is a minimum 1-5 teaspoons of Enterosgel, it works as a Hangover prevention. The product is efficient, safe and fast to act, as its action completes after 7-12 hours. Enterosgel is not absorbed into blood and its components do not accumulate in the organs. Get a NZ feedback using Enterosgel as alcohol detox (look a feedback).

Alcohol detox

The efficacy of Enterosgel as alcohol detox depends on the time of its intake – the smaller the time difference between intake of Enterosgel and alcohol intake, the more pronounced is thе effect.

Taking Enterosgel ® helps to reduce ethanol vapour from your breath after drinking strong alcohol. To reduce intoxication or increase alcohol detoxification most effectively, take Enterosgel ® 30 minutes before drinking alcohol and 15-30g of Enterosgel ® within 60 minutes after drinking alcohol.

Hangover? Take alcohol detox Enterosgel! The best hangover home remedy.

Hangover syndrome or alcohol withdrawal is a way for our body to protect itself and fight intoxication caused by higher consumption of alcohol. It makes one experience dramatically unpleasant symptoms such as headache, vertigo and upset stomach to naturally “prevent” future alcoholism. It lasts as long as the body is intoxicated. The solution to help the body stop suffering hangover is eliminating the toxins from the blood – alcohol withdrawal (alcohol detoxification). Enterosorbents proved themselves to be reliable to absorb toxins. Enterosgel is a very effective product available in pharmacies. Severe alcohol intoxication may cause serious health complications and even death.

Enterosgel is an effective home remedy for alcohol withdrawal and alcohol detox. The data obtained thus prove the effectiveness of enteral sorption with Enterosgel in the treatment of alcohol intoxication and withdrawal syndrome.  Improvement in basic biological indicators was also observed.

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