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Stop diarrhoea fast – take immediately Enterosgel. The best poisoning first aid!

How to stop diarrhea quickly?

Take Enterosgel® orally 1–2 hours before or after a meal. When this product is taken it is recommended to wash it down with sufficient quantity of water or dilute the dose in half a glass of water prior to its administration. Standard age-related dosing schedule:

  • Diarrhea treatment in adults: 15 g (1 sachet or 1 tablespoon) 3 times per day (45 g/day).
  • To stop diarrhea in children: 10–15 g (2–3 teaspoons) 3 times per day (30–45 g/day); • 1–5 years: 5–10 g (1–2 teaspoons) 3 times per day (15–30 g/day).
  • To stop the diarrhea for a toddler: 1,7 g (1/3 teaspoon) before feeding, up to 6 times per day (up to 10 g/day). The single dose of Enterosgel® may be mixed before use with breast milk, water, juice or a semi-liquid baby food (in the ratio 1:3)
Diarrhea or Indigestion

First administration as diarrhoea fast stopper: TWO standard single doses followed by a single dose after every bowel movement. Once the diarrhoea has stopped, it is recommended to continue taking Enterosgel® for 5 days at the same standard age-related dosage.

Enterosgel is intended to be used as an adjuvant to standard rehydration therapy and in the management and reduction of stomach and intestinal illness symptoms.

Enterosgel® can be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Swiss Patented Unique Nano Sponge to Stop Diarrhoea

The unique molecular structure makes Enterosgel work as a “nano sponge”. It absorbs ONLY toxic substances and pathogenic bacteria, without affecting mineral or vitamin balance in the body.

“Enterosgel is a mineral based gastrointestinal detoxifier”, this statement is a statement of fact. Enterosgel is a silicon based formulation as identified by its chemical formula – (CH3SiO1.5)n (i.e. it is a polymer of methylsiloxane). Silicon is considered in general terms as a mineral. Therefore the statement that “Enterosgel is mineral-based” is an appropriate and true statement”. Dr. Katrin Valsh

An organic compound is virtually any chemical compound that contains carbon. Polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate (Enterosgel) is a jelly-like polymeric organosilicon compound.

Enterosgel doctor
Enterosgel organic compaund
Enterosgel organic
Organic Enterosgel

Enterosgel® is an organosilicone adsorbent for removal of toxic substances from the body, correction of microbiocenosis and recovery of the mucous membranes in the GIT epithelium. Sorption and detoxification properties of Enterosgel® are provided by its porous globular structure, preferably with pores of average diameter.

Enterosgel is not absorbed by the body and is excreted unchanged.

Stop Diarrhea Pain in D-IBS Patients

30 patients with diarrhea type of IBS (16 women and 14 men) were included in the study. The study of efficacy and safety of application of Enterosgel® administered for treatment of patients with diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome had demonstrated safety and efficiency of the Enterosgel treatment.

The study shows significant reduction on the scales of abdominal pain, stop diarrhea syndrome, dyspeptic syndrome as well as on the total measure scale. The tendency towards normalization of the GIT motor-evacuation function is evident.

Enterosgel® stop diarrhoea has a positive effect on the clinical performance, reducing abdominal pain severity and normalizing stool frequency in D-IBS patients, thus contributing to the harmonization of quality of life.

ENTEROSGEL® does not contain substances that can cause allergic or toxic reactions.

stop diarrhea
stop diarrhoea

Diarrhea Treatment regimens that can be recommended for use in patients with D-IBS: 15g of the Enterosgel paste with the active substance polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate 3 times a day 1 hour before or after meal orally for 3 consecutive weeks (paste dose should be dissolved in 200 ml of cool boiled water or washed down with at least 200 ml of cool boiled water).

Enterosgel® does not contain substances that can penetrate into the bloodstream.

Diarrhoea Treatment to Stop Diarrhea Quickly. 

Results of clinical studies have shown a high efficiency of Enterosgel in the complex of diarrhea treatment. In the first three days of application, the 18 patients of Enterosgel group (85.7%) showed a subjective stop diarrhea improvement. After 10-12 days, all patients re-normalized their bowel movements  with a tendency to forming the stool masses, with eliminated pain and dyspeptic syndromes. In the experimental group of patients, the normalization of bowel movements was observed during the first week (an average of 7 hours), whereas in the control group only for 18-20 days, and in some cases (6 patients), the conventional therapy was not efficient enough to eliminate the pain syndrome, an unstable stool, and indigestion. It outflows from Table 1 that all patients of the experimental group developed positive shifts in coprogram on the background of Enterosgel. These changes consisted mainly in the disappearance or reduction of leukocytes, red blood cells and mucus, iodophilic microflora, intracellular starch,  undigested cellulose, steatorrhea and creatorrhea.

Table 1. Dynamics of basic clinical manifestations of the disease under the influence of therapy in patients with the digestive system’s pathology (in days)

Indicators Control group (n=15) Enterosgel group (n=21)
Normalization duration of defecations number 20.5 ±1.5 6.0 ±1.4*
Duration of forming of the stool masses 21.4 ±2.5 15.4 ±2.5*
Disappearance time of pain syndrome 19.4 ±1.6 10.6 ±1.9*
Disappearance time of meteorism 18.5 ±1.0 10.5 ±1.8*

Note: * – the indicators significant difference prior to include Enterosgel and after the treatment (p <0,05).

ENTEROSGEL® helps stop diarrhea or shortens the duration of diarrhea.

diarrhea stop fast

Diarrhea Causes:

Diarrhea of an infective nature is often followed by vomiting and high temperature. The reasons for diarrhea to occur in the body are mostly related to viruses such as rotaviruses, adenoviruses or coronaviruses. Pathogenic bacteria as Salmonella, dysentery or Escherichia coli can cause severe bowel disorders.

Food intolerances and allergy. Some people have difficulty digesting certain ingredients, such as lactose, the sugar found in milk and milk products. Some people may have diarrhea if they eat certain types of sugar substitutes in excessive quantities.

Reaction to medicines. Antibiotics, cancer drugs, and antacids containing magnesium can all cause diarrhea.

Enterosgel® is sugar-free, gluten-free, lactose-free.

Stop Diarrhea Fast Take Enterosgel!

Recommended by the World Health Organization.

How To Stop Diarrhea Quickly?

It is simple and easy to stop diarrhea – take a Swiss patent product-Enterosgel.

How To Stop Diarrhoea in Babies?

To stop diarrhea in babies 1 to 3 years old Enterosgel® should be used under advice of a doctor. Enterosgel® should be administered orally 1–2 hours before or after a meal. When this product is taken it is recommended to сonsume with sufficient fluid or dilute the dose in water of room temperature prior to its administration (in 200 ml of water for adults and children aged 7 and over, 50–100 ml of water for children aged 1–6).

Travel diarrhea stop
Enterosgel Testimonial to stop diarrhea

European Diarrhoea Home Remedies

In Europe, most of Diarrhea Home Remedies use Enterosgel as an essential to stop diarrhoea. Results of clinical and laboratory research confirmed high efficiency of use of Enterosgel to stop diarrhea in babies with rotavirus infection. Regarding the data collected, Enterosgel was recommended for treatment of diarrhoea in babies and children caused by rotavirus in  and prevention of infectious complications.

Traveler’s diarrhea can be a problem for people traveling to developing countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean.


ENTEROSGEL® does not contain substances that can cause allergic or toxic reactions.

Stop diarrhea in children

Treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in children.

A total of 65 children aged from 5 to 17 years have been under clinical observation. Group 1 included 25 children with IBD, whereas group 2 (control group) consisted of 40 children with chronic constipation.

IBD in children is accompanied by the development of endogenous intoxication, manifestation of which is conditioned by the severity of the process and dependent on the nature of intestinal lesion.

Enterosorption with Enterosgel is an effective and safe method of sorption detoxification in the combination treatment of IBD in children, since it reduces the toxic load on the detoxification system of the body and the risk of developing infectious and autoimmune complications.

Enterosgel is the adsorbent of choice since it has high effectiveness and safety in young children, significant cytoprotective effect, convenient pharmaceutical form, and can be used in a long-term repeated course.

stop diarrhea in children

Enterosgel suspension is easily diluted with water; and it is prescribed orally 1–2 teaspoons 1–2 hours before or after a meal, 3 times a day (15–30 g/day) for children aged 1–5 years and 2–3 teaspoons 3 times a day (30–45 g/day) for children over 5 years of age. The duration of the treatment course is 2–3 weeks. There are no restrictions on the number of repeated courses.

ENTEROSGEL® does absorb calcium, vitamins and other essential substances.

Diarrhea Home Remedies and Treatments. Diarrhea in Children: Causes and Treatments.

Poisoning first aid to stop diarrhea, detox your colon with Enterosgel.

ENTEROSGEL® organic, suitable for New Zealand vegetarians and vegans.

To get relieve from indigestion problems using diarrhea stopper – Enterosgel.

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