Spotting an allergy

Allergy relief with Enterosgel®

As parents, it’s likely you may be able to identify potential sources of children’s allergies. For example, coughing and sneezing that occurs after being out in a pollen-ridden area, or a rash that flares up after touching animals.

With food allergies it can be a bit more problematic narrowing down the likely allergens. If you suspect your child could be suffering from a food allergy, it’s helpful to keep a record of what he eats and drinks each day for a few weeks, and make notes of any accompanying reactions that occur. It’s possible that you may be able to start identifying familiar patterns with certain foods, but even if you can’t, the notes will be helpful for a professional to see and make the path easier to allergy relief.

It’s important that you don’t try and diagnose your child yourself or stop him consuming particular foods on a whim that they may be the culprits. Instead, seek advise from a doctor or allergy specialist – they’ll be able to run tests and identify the cause of the problem.

 Allergy tests

There are a number of tests available that can help pinpoint the cause of allergies, with some common options being:

  • The skin prick test: IgE levels are measured by putting a small amount of the potential allergen onto the skin and watching the reaction. It’s most reliable for detecting allergies to inhaled substances, such as pollen.
  • RAST (Radio Allergo Sorbent Test) test: A blood test, where a small sample of blood is taken and tested for levels of IgE. It’s most reliable for detecting food allergies.
  • The patch test: Used to detect cases of contact dermatitis/eczema, it involves suspected allergens being put onto small allergen-free metal discs and taped to the skin for 48 hours.

There are also a range of other alternative tests such as applied kinesiology, vega testing, and hair analysis. Although some people find them helpful, they’re not highly thought of by the medical profession.

If your child is diagnosed with allergies, then a product that provides full allergy relief is needed. Enterosgel® acts as an allergy detox by absorbing and eliminating toxic substances from the body without removing beneficial substances. This clinically approved product is a safe and effective way to get immediate allergy relief.

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