3 major hangover myths

No one likes getting a hangover. When you drink too much alcohol, your stomach and head can hurt like crazy. As hangovers can be so awful, people have come up with ideas about how to reduce them, or avoid getting them altogether. Paying heed to hangover myths however, will not really help you, as they don’t work.

Drinking beer before wine makes you feel fine. There are all kinds of sayings incorporating the idea that drinking beer before wine is less likely to result in a hangover than drinking wine before beer. Interestingly, in some cultures the saying is the other way around, and people imagine that drinking wine before beer is a good idea if you want to avoid a hangover.

Common sense should tell you that which alcoholic beverage you drink first would not make any difference to the outcome. Nevertheless, how fast you drink, and how many units of alcohol you consume will make a difference to whether you get a hangover or not.

Eating stodgy food before bed will prevent a hangover. Eating after overindulging in alcohol will not be beneficial. You need to eat before you consume alcohol if you want to lessen your chances of getting a hangover. In addition, eating eggs the morning after high levels of alcohol consumption can help get rid of the toxins you’ve accumulated in your system.

Drinking strong coffee helps a hangover. Strong coffee can provide a momentary high, but the real cause of your pounding headache is dehydration. What you really need is plenty of water, not coffee which can cause further dehydration.

Myths regarding hangovers usually spring from a desire to not suffer the consequences of overindulging in alcohol. The only real way to avoid a hangover however, is to shun alcohol. Still, if you just can’t keep away from boozing, consider drinking slowly, and match each alcoholic drink with an alternate non-alcoholic one if you want to steer clear of a hangover.

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