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Cure a hangover

Enterosgel® is mineral-based detoxifier, Firs Aid Kit cure a hangover.

Cake is to a child’s party what alcohol is to an adult’s.  The festive season of Christmas, the parties on the Fourth of July, and the final days of summer call for a cocktail or two.  But between the chatting and the dancing – and who knows what else – it is easy to lose track of just how many drinks you’ve had.  That one drink soon turns into a bottomless glass, and that dream of a quiet morning after is quickly replaced by a headache and a few trips to the bathroom.  Fortunately, with a little planning, you can have your drink – and drink it, too.

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3 major hangover myths

No one likes getting a hangover. When you drink too much alcohol, your stomach and head can hurt like crazy. As hangovers can be so awful, people have come up with ideas about how to reduce them, or avoid getting them altogether. Paying heed to hangover myths however, will not really help you, as they don’t work.

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Allergy Coping tips

If you find that normal family life is disrupted for a while, don’t panic, as it’s a common reaction. Jenny from Reading, whose son Thomas is allergic to dust mites and pollen, admits that discovering the allergy caused disruption to the whole family. “We were forced to change our normal habits – everything from the cleaning regime to changing carpets to wooden floors,” she said. “Initially it was a shock to the system and took us a while to adjust, but seeing the allergy relief and improvement in Thomas is well worth it.”

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Spotting an allergy

Allergy relief with Enterosgel®

As parents, it’s likely you may be able to identify potential sources of children’s allergies. For example, coughing and sneezing that occurs after being out in a pollen-ridden area, or a rash that flares up after touching animals.

With food allergies it can be a bit more problematic narrowing down the likely allergens. If you suspect your child could be suffering from a food allergy, it’s helpful to keep a record of what he eats and drinks each day for a few weeks, and make notes of any accompanying reactions that occur. It’s possible that you may be able to start identifying familiar patterns with certain foods, but even if you can’t, the notes will be helpful for a professional to see and make the path easier to allergy relief.

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Enterosgel® is a great allergy relief product

Coping With Children’s Allergies By Rachel Newcombe.

Allergies are on the increase.  According to Allergy UK, four in 10 school children have at least one allergic condition, one in five has asthma and 85 per cent of these are allergic to house dust mites. A recent report by the Royal College of Physicians claimed that, “The incidence of allergy has increased dramatically in the UK in recent years and is still rising.” In fact, they say that more children than ever before are now affected with allergies, and one in 70 has a severe allergy to peanuts – yet only 10 years ago it was a rare disorder.

Coping with an allergy can be difficult for adults, but for children it can make life miserable. But what are common allergies, what impact do they have and what can be done to have allergy relief and to make life more bearable?

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