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Healthy tummy

Give your gut a helping hand with Enterosgel, and advice form celeb diet expert Louise Parker.

(Reprinted article,

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Enterosgel® Global IBS Campaign

First Aid Kit to manage your IBS symptoms.

Keep Enterosgel® Emergency sachets in your bag!

Medsilica support the Enterosgel® Global IBS Campaign- “What do you carry to manage your IBS symptoms?”. We congratulate our colleagues from Enterosgel® UK with a success to support UK charities and clinical research in IBS.

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Efficacy of Enterosgel® in Treatment of Rotavirus Infection in Newborns.

It is an enterosorbent which adsorbs viruses, opportunistic pathogens, toxins, urea, cholesterol and fungi from the gut while it leaves the good microflora and metabolites alone.  It is remarkable and will be a tremendous help to your practitioners who are looking for something to complement the probiotic work and other cleansing work that your products offer.  We have been looking for a product like this for years and I feel so lucky that Australia is about to receive it. 6.5 million tubes are currently sold each year in Europe.

Efficacy of Enterosgel

Clinical and Laboratory Index

Here is a snapshot of what it does for newborn babies with the rotavirus.  It’s safe also through pregnancy and breastfeeding and doesn’t interact with any of the supplement regimes that all practitioner will be taught.



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