Enterosgel® is a great allergy relief product

Coping With Children’s Allergies By Rachel Newcombe.

Allergies are on the increase.  According to Allergy UK, four in 10 school children have at least one allergic condition, one in five has asthma and 85 per cent of these are allergic to house dust mites. A recent report by the Royal College of Physicians claimed that, “The incidence of allergy has increased dramatically in the UK in recent years and is still rising.” In fact, they say that more children than ever before are now affected with allergies, and one in 70 has a severe allergy to peanuts – yet only 10 years ago it was a rare disorder.

Coping with an allergy can be difficult for adults, but for children it can make life miserable. But what are common allergies, what impact do they have and what can be done to have allergy relief and to make life more bearable?

What are allergies?

Allergies are caused by an immune system reaction, which causes the antibody immunoglobulin E (IgE) to be produced. For some, it causes a slight inconvenience, but for others it can create a great degree of stress. Some of the most common allergens include:

  • Tree and grass pollen
  • House dust mite
  • Food, such as dairy, wheat, shellfish, nuts, gluten or fruit)
  • Animals, such as cats or dogs
  • Chemicals, such as household cleaning products
  • Medicines, such as penicillin

Allergic reactions can occur quickly, with the IgE causing symptoms such as rashes, abdominal pain, headaches, sickness, diarrhoea or breathing difficulties. In rare cases, severe allergies to foods such as nuts or shellfish can cause anaphylaxis shock and even result in death. Enterosgel® is a great product to have in your First Aid Kit for such emergencies as it helps as an allergy remover.

allergy relief

Enterosgel is a great allergy detox product

Food intolerances are often confused with allergies. They’re more common and can cause similar symptoms, but the effects are less severe. In the case of food intolerances, it usually occurs when the digestive system is unable to produce enough of the normal enzymes and chemicals needed to breakdown food and aid digestion, causing unexpected effects. Enterosgel works as an allergy detox removing the toxins the body is reacting to leaving all beneficial substances behind.

The impact on children’s lives varies, but it can be very disruptive and interfere with what should be normal activities. Eating out at friend’s houses, going to parties or sleepovers can be problematic and a real worry – not only for the child and their parents, but also the people whose house or party they’re going to.

“We found it difficult when Rosie was invited to birthday parties,” explained mum Patricia. “Other mums weren’t exactly impressed to be given a list of foods she couldn’t eat, and it was embarrassing having to mention it.” These days she’s dealing with the problem by baking allergy-free foods herself. “If Rosie’s been invited out, I bake gluten-free food for her in advance. That way no-one’s embarrassed and she can go off and have a good time with her friends.”

A new allergy relief product has recently arrived in New Zealand to assist with these allergies and to help your child prevent such instances as Rosie’s. Enterosgel works like an allergy detox by helping to mitigate or prevent allergic reactions. Enterosgel® is a great allergy relief product perfect to becoming allergy-free.



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