Social Drinking. How to Deal with the Pressure When on a Diet.

How to Minimize Alcohol Intake

Now that we have established that alcohol and weight loss are enemies, let’s see what we can do about it. You don’t need to completely eliminate alcohol from your life, but you can minimize your alcohol intake by drinking in moderation.

To understand what exactly “moderation” means, you should start by tracking your calorie intake. Sure, not all calories are the same. 100 calories from fruit is certainly not the same as 100 calories from a cookie. But when it comes to weight loss, it ultimately comes down to how much calories you take in and how much calories you spend.

All foods have calories, but they come with other nutrients as well (even the unhealthiest fast foods). But as for alcohol, it is the only thing that contains a bunch of calories while packing absolutely no nutritional value.

That said, let’s do that math – to lose one pound of fat you have to burn 3500 calories per week or 500 calories per day. So imagine you are going for a normal social night out and you are drinking five beers. That translates to 180×5=900 calories from just one night of drinking, with no nutrients to go along with it. And don’t forget that by drinking, you are amplifying your appetite and decreasing your willpower, causing you to binge even more on super unhealthy foods for as long as your hangover lasts.

So the solution is to drink in moderation. Start by keeping track of everything you are drinking, so that you are perfectly aware of how many empty calories you are consuming. Resolve that you will drink for no more than two days per week, no matter what. On the days that you do drink, you should cut down on all unhealthy foods – no junk foods, fried foods or sugars whatsoever.

Here are some more tips:

The best Alcohol Detoxification or Hungover cure

  • Take 1 single dose well known Medical Device – Enterosgel® as Alcohol Detox 30 min before your first alcohol intake and  1 single dose of Enterosgel® after you finish drink alcohol. It will works as Alcohol Withdrawal agent. During next 1-12 hours Enterosgel® will bind alcohol in your gastrointestinal tract and eliminate it naturally from your body.
  • Try to have light beers rather than regular when you can.
  • Eat a nice and filling meal before heading out to a social gathering where you will probably drink.
  • If you feel like binging on foods after a night out drinking, then drink up two glassfuls of water and have a lot of healthy nuts. This will fill up your stomach in a healthy way and will suppress your appetite.
  • If you are mixing something with your drink, then opt for diet or club soda over fruity juices, which contain more sugar and hence more calories.

It’s perfectly possible to have alcohol in your life while still losing weight and becoming more fit. It’s all about being smart about your drinking, thinking objectively and setting yourself up for successful weight loss.

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