What is Enterosgel
and what is it used for?

Enterosgel is an innovative intestinal adsorbent (enterosorbent) that binds toxins in the gastrointestinal tract and eliminates harmful substances, pathogens and allergens from the body.

Enterosgel is used in children and adults for the following conditions:

  • acute gastroenteritis (disease-associated diarrhea) in adults and children
  • allergic diseases with gastrointestinal symptoms in adults and children
  • irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea (IBS-D)

“Enterosgel: a breakthrough for gut health and more”

Dr. Arturo M Volpe / www.doctorvolpe.com / 3/11/2011

Enterosgel is a completely natural product based on organic silica. It has a chemical structure that resembles that of a sponge and, when taken by mouth, is not absorbed but travels down the intestinal tract and removes a wide range of toxins from the body. High safety profile, non-allergenic. Suitable for babies 0+, children and adults (including pregnant/breastfeeding mums).

The effectiveness of Enterosgel has been proven in numerous Clinical Studies over the past 20 years. The potential use of Enterosgel for the effective treatment of many other serious diseases is being studied with interest by European researchers.

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Enterosgel Emergency sachet 15g (1 dose)

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Keep Enterosgel Emergency sachet (1 single dose) in your pocket when travelling, camping or on vacation. Take Enterosgel immediately if you feel unwell.

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Enterosgel tube 90g

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Keep Enterosgel Emergency 90gr tube (up to 15 single doses) in your travel First Aid Kit when travelling, camping or on vacation with Family. Take Enterosgel immediately if anyone in your party feel unwell.

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Enterosgel tube 225g

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Take Enterosgel 225gr tube (up to 26 single doses) for a treatment.  It is wise to buy bigger size and pay less.

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